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Have you had your Air ducts cleaned lately? Air-duct cleaning is very crucial to ensure good health in the home. Your air ducts are the culprit for contaminating the air you are breathing every day with dust, pollen, mold, animal dander, viruses, and bacteria

Are you feeling sick? You might not be getting  “fresh air” due to clogged vents and returns.


What you need to know!

Pollutants that enter the home both from outdoors and indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, or just moving around can cause greater exposure to contaminants than dirty air ducts unless there was no proper maintenance to the HVAC System. The heating and cooling system in your home recycles your air in your home by using a blower in the furnace section and filtering system. The Returns in your home pulls the air in the filtering system and it pushed out through the supply duct through the other side of the system. If your filter is dirty then the air supply is dirty too. 

Given any period of time, the ducts in your HVAC system will build up with pollens, dust, animal dander and other allergens. If you see any dust, coating your furniture, floors etc you may consider having your air ducts cleaned.  

We use approved equipment for the best cleaning possible for our customers. We take special care in providing attention to every duct, register and return in your house. Each register is individually cleaned with or reverse sweeping action brush with a separate vacuum following behind to catch all the debris that gets swept back to the vacuum. 

What Other Companies Are Offering For There Duct Cleaning Method

There is an air compressor method which is one of the most reasonable duct services,  but they lack a true scrubbing the dirt and dust from the wall of the duct. This type blows air through a special tip which supposedly is enough pressure to loosen the debris from the wall of the duct. However, when we used this type of air duct cleaning equipment we were very dissatisfied with the overall result. 

Another type is negative air pressure. The company cuts a hole in your trunk line and uses a huge vacuum to pull debris out of the duct. unfortunately, there is no way to get all the dust, pollen and debris from one side of the HVAC system.  

Other types are the rotary brush system which a great method but still not the right equipment. They use a system that the vacuum hose and rotary cable is one unit causing the ability to make maneuvers through the duct system impossible, because of all the bends and turns. 

The DS Integrated Services method is tried and proven. We know from our customers that our system is better than our competitors because of our experience with other methods. Our system thoroughly cleans the ducts because of the angled brushes. These specially designed brushes help fill up all space in the duct as they are turning pulling and brushing the debris to be sucked up by a powerful vacuum. The rotary cable and brush are one unit and the vacuum hose is one unit ensuring that the cable and brush can easily make all turn and bends throughout the ductwork of your house. 

When Should You Get You Air Ducts Cleaned?

  • When you move into that new house                                                                                                                                                               
  • When there are a remodeling or construction projects                                                                                                                                    
  •  After installation of a new HVAC  system                                                                                                                                        
  •  If you see any dust coating your furniture, floors etc.                                                                                                                                           
  • When you are coughing and sneezing                                                                                                                                                                
  •  Every 3-5 years, we recommend  cleaning air ducts for  air quality